5 weeks

As this week ends I look forward to the last five weeks of classes!! In those five weeks I will have:

2 business analysis quizzes
2 business analysis exams
1 business analysis excel assignment
2 business law exams
4 monetary economics quizzes
2 monetary economics exams
2 monetary economics reports
1 monetary economics semester report/presentation
2 accounting quizzes
1 accounting exam
2 marketing exams
4 marketing quizzes
1 marketing report

Nothing like the end of the semester push. So forgive me if I become overwhelmed and disappear for the next five weeks. Following finals, of which I believe I should only have to take 4, I will have 4-5 weeks off from classes before starting up again.

I am introducing my friend, Hannah, to the family I have been working with since May. I will have to take two accounting classes next semester which will prove to be quite overwhelming if I continue to work three days a week. Hopefully Hannah will work out with the family so that she can pick up one day a week for me and also provide back up for those weeks when I'm just barely pushing through.

Our little garden is getting HUGE!! We have little cucumber the size of a mans thumb, little green beans and little melons just a bit bigger than grapes. It's so fun to watch them grow and we can't wait to pick 'em and eat 'em!! The pics here are about a week old. We have been having great sunny days and the fruit/veggies are thriving.

A few weeks ago, my neighbor allowed me to pick a lime from her tree in her front yard. We used the tasty lime in beverages and on fish. Then I planted a few seeds. And now I have an itty bitty little lime tree! I am most excited about this. Lime trees are supposed to be really
hard to get started. This little guy is doing really well though. I have no idea how long it takes to get it mature enough to actually produce limes but we'll see. My neighbors lime tree looks more like a bush and is always heavy with limes.

David's been out of town since early Monday morning. He's had a class in Dallas. Today is the exam and this evening he finally gets home. It's the longest trip he's taken this year so we have all been missing him! Sunshine especially as he runs with her in the early morning hours.
Walking with me just doesn't cut it for her any more. She's been restless and grumpy.

While I am awaiting final confirmation from SHSU, I expect to be graduating in May!! David and I are more than ready to see my education complete.
I love school and learning and will probably continue to take classes for most of my life. However, school will no longer require so much time and energy after mid-May 2010. I'm not sure what I am going to do once I graduate. I asked David if it'd be ok if I just sat and stared at a wall for a few weeks. He said it'd be fine because he knows after a few hours I'll be bored and out searching for a fabulous job that I can throw myself into. Clearly I'm not so good at sitting about doing nothing.

I am most looking forward to FINALLY being able to upgrade my goofy green carpets to some sort of (hopefully) bamboo! We have been saving and anticipating since we moved in 2 years, 1 month, 1 week ago. We have a few things to do before we can start but it's getting closer. We hope to finish the tiling in the guest bath room and the laundry area in the next few weeks. First, we need to do a bit of painting in the guest bath. = )

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sarah jo said...

Oh my goodness! Your to-do list practically made me nauseasated :) but your garden pics brightened things up considerably. Press on friend!! :)