A Good Day

Today I was home with the exception of a semi-annual dentist check up. Those are usually pretty quick thankfully.

I spent the day cooking for the first time since my allergy diagnoses. It's another challenge: bring it on. Baking is has the potential to be difficult but I'm researching flours and determining which ones I want to mix. There are loads of gluten free (GF) items avaliable but most have corn and all have man-made ingredients I can't pronounce. We don't eat those kinds of things - they might come from corn and they can't be good for a body.

So I'll skip the cleaning and go right to the good stuff. Meatballs. Yummy. I made a batch that should last us a few weeks and they turned out well. Hopefully they'll go great in this evenings pasta dish.

Chicken stock. I've been simmering my chicken parts, veggies, herbs & spice since about noon (Minus about an hour for the dental visit). It smells heavenly and I can't wait to make split pea soup with the broth tomorrow. I'm trying to re-load my freezer with items we can both eat. David has worked his way through a lot of it and I'm going to need back up meals when I start work full time in about 2 weeks.

Granola. I'm working on walnut-blueberry. I did butter, honey, cinnamon and a little nutmeg. Pretty simple but it'll be delish.

I dug up a recipe that a friend mentioned that calls for 16oz of oatmeal toasted. Then you grind 1/2 to make a flour and make cookies with it. I'm excited to try it but I think it'll have to wait until tomorrow. My oven is occupied and parts of my mixer and food processor still need to be washed. I ran the dishwasher once but it'll go again before the days' end.

And of course the days not complete until I've had a romp and a snuggle with my two favorite fur babies. Currently they are in time outs for being too rowdy in the house. Oh the pouting that happens when they are separated.

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