Well it has been some time since I posted. David and I are in El Dorado, KS. (http://www.eldoks.com/) He's working about a ten hour day, 5 days a week. There isn't much in this town. It's small with the major employers being a Wal*Mart and the El Dorado Frontier Refinery.

We went to Mexico for our 2nd wedding anniversary. David wasn't able to get much time off so we we flew down for a long weekend surrounding the 5th of March. We found a great deal online that included our food, lodging, airfare and transportation in Cancun. It was a really nice time. We mostly walked along the beach and sunned by the pool. We met a few nice couples but didn't seek them out. We were there to chill together!

Let's see. My little Ford Ranger was giving us a touch of clutch trouble. We had just put quite a bit of money into it a year ago. We decided to go ahead and trade her in rather than spend a load and trade her in when we were ready to move to TX. (We had already decided to trade in for a vehicle with A/C and room for dogs. We don't have the dogs yet but we will!) We ended up with a really nice Nissan Xterra. (http://build.nissanusa.com/configurator/en?service=external/SummaryMQError&mo=2007:xtr&bs=default&tr=_TE_S&ec=A15&us=3155&se=1519314355599&pv=1023313233343536373844955152545556575966079&pc=55&psel=1519354355599&ps=A151&zipcode=66053&mqe=true)It's red with a manual clutch. I'm really enjoying it. David says it's primarily my vehicle. Nice. I've never had a brand new vehicle!

I flew to CT and spent a week with my mom. We're both just bumming around the house so David thought we could entertain eachother for a while. = ) It was fun. And entertaining.

David and I took a last minute, unplanned roadtrip through Eastern/Central Colorado. David has an Uncle in the Co Springs area so we visited with him for a short time on our way through. It was really, really nice to see the Mountains again!!! I'm tired of flat, ugly KS.

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