David and I are getting ready to click over to three years of marriage. Wow. We're still overly affectionate and acting like newly weds. = )

Over the weekend David built a workbench for his garage. He says it's simelear to the one that his Grand Pop had in his basement. It hits David about elbow level and is about David's arm length deep and two arm lengths wide (ish). He probably knows the actual measurements but he's out of town.

I worked on our front yard. We haven't done anything to it since we moved in because we have men that come mow the lawn. The bushes needed trimmed and things like that. The pups enjoyed snoozing in the sun (it was probably mid-high 70's).

For those who have heard and those that haven't, I am no longer working. I am going to be going back to school (again, my fifth and hopefully last college). I have appointments this week to get started (hopefully!) in mid-March. There is a possibility that I will work part time the next few weeks before school but we'll see.

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