With the temp topping 100 today I finally got out and started wrapping up my yard project. I am not going to count the months it sat untended. I have only a few things to do before it's complete. This time I had David lift two of the three huge, heavy rocks. Helped to conserve my energy or something. David despises yard work so I called it "Heavy man lifting." He left the shoveling, digging, small rock moving and laying down of the black weed stop stuff and chicken wire. Right, chicken wire. Prevents the dogs from burying bones in the freshly turned and laid soil. It's great, I highly recommend it. It does create a bit of work but it's worth it. Sunshine was very interested in what I was doing and kept me company for several hours.

I also did homework this morning. We do PC problems, homework that we are required to do in Excel, or another similar program. A friend from class and I hammered out a few emails about it and finally got it done. Hopefully correctly!

Tonight David and I are making Nachos! Delicious. I love Nachos.

Gotta run, Scratch is calling...

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