Finite Math

I think I spent 10 hours on Finite Math homework yesterday. Add five from today and we're working on 15 hours of Finite Math homework. Is this normal???

I was able to bake blueberry muffins yesterday morning for breakfast and brownies last night for dessert. At least I have some more to show than: 2x+4y>23. Although the brownies are doing a marvelous disappearing act... Go to bed last night with 8 eight brownies. Take a peek this afternoon: only 6! After dinner this evening David said we should have brownies and ice cream. He'd only had two today. He's liking the cooler weather.

So are the pups. They've really enjoyed the break from such high temps. They're more energetic and playful. It's fun when we keep them adequately exercised.

Today in church the sermon was titled "Financial Hurricane". Basically the Pastor was encouraging us, as believers, to understand Psalm 46:10 "Be still, and know that I am God:
I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth." We should rest in the knowledge that our future and hope are in an unfailing God and not in our savings accounts or stocks. He also encouraged us to live a life of gratitude, even in hard times. We are thankful that we have many years before we are looking at retirement. We haven't felt much of a financial effect from whatever is going on with Wall Street. When gas prices went up so quickly, we were able to cut back a little here and there. I worry more about current debt than the future. I'm an odd package, I know. I think that part of being a good steward of our finances is to strive to live debt free. I realize it's not always feasible, but I do think that people have forgotten the difference between "NEEDs" and "wants". I know it's a shocker folks, but cable TV and unlimited cell phone plans are simply not NEEDS. =-)

Anyway, enough. I need to get back to my Finite Math!!!


sarah said...

1. I LOVE blueberry muffins :-)
2. I completely agree with you about television and cell phones (and I would probably toss in Ipod too :-)

3. Sign..debt is the ban of my existence, I only have a little from LU but psychology - it's very binding.

4. perhaps we'll discover alot of things we had in common that we didn't know :-) through this wonderful new blogging friendship!

take care!

sarah said...

thanks Becca!
Actually, it wasn't teasing. We were at a festival and were going to do one of those blow up jousting things and before I was even fully ready he hauled off and hit me in the head - HARD. A friend of mine who was watching said that she couldn't believe it. He said he did it to rile me up. I can understand if I was ready to go and the referree said go and we were fighting each other - but it was a cheap shot and it hurt physically and emotionally too. Just cause I'm a strong girl doesn't mean guys can be jerks to me.

so - anyhow, you might think I'm silly- but I'm over it now anyway :-]

thanks for the comment! I hope God gives you wisdom with what to do next as far as school and finances are concerned. Man, this is a long comment - sorry!