Death of a rice cooker!!

I loaded up my trusty little rice cooker with water and rice, plugged it in and let her go. The smell. Yikes! Something funky is burning. Nothing on the stove. Then the "click" that indicates that the rice is done. But the rice isn't done. And the little button won't go back down. I purchased this little rice cooker for $7.99 about 8 years ago and I guess I just thought it would last forever. Instead it lasted through about 12 moves and 12 homes and hundreds of pots of rice.
I quickly rushed my semi-cooked rice to a pot on the stove. This is what happens when one becomes accustomed to her rice cooker. The rice cooked OK but the mess on the stove OIY!

I guess I'll be adding rice cooker to my Christmas wish list. =0)

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sarah said...

woozers! that's amazing it lasted so long - perhaps you should try to find the same brand :)
I have to be honest and say that I've never used a rice cooker - they intimidate me! haha.