We took the doggies to a really nice dog park this afternoon. It's about a 45 min ride from our house but it was worth it. A beautiful day and a really nice park. There were two ponds (Scratch is standing next to one in the picture) and tons of space to run. Sunshine had a blast chasing and being chased and swimming and running. Scratch did a lot of sniffing. He's not as into the dog parks as Sunshine. She made friends with a pair of Great Danes. They were huge. I looked into their eyes when the stood in front of me. Their heads stood nearly 5 feet tall!!! She also made friends with three dobermans. Scratch walked around and let people pet him. Then got grumpy because it was time for dinner and a nap. =-) All in all a nice afternoon.


sarah said...

Just being outside is SOOO nice! :)

sarah said...

I am still going to Michigan for thanksgiving :) As for camping this weekend, I can't! I'm having my wisdom teeth taken out...I was hoping to do it next week but the powers-that-be forgot that, I think. :(