Happy Thanksgiving (a few days late)

I forgot to ever post about what we did for Thanksgiving. =0)
So here it is. David and I spent Thanksgiving day with a friend of mine from college. Paula and I took a Macro-Econ class together earlier this semester (it was a mini-mester course). We hit it off being that we were each slightly older than the average student and had families and what not outside of school. Paula and her husband Chris did a smoked turkey that was delicious!! She made pumpkin pie and I made apple. Each of us purchased a variety of sides and veggies and then prepared most of them there. David made the cranberry sauce (yes, he MADE it, none of that can shaped stuff at our house!) ahead of time and I made a loaf of honey-oatmeal bread a day early but everything else we did while the turkey finished. It was quite nice. Paula and Chris have a daughter, Alena, that's about 3 and a really good kid. She napped through most of pie and coffee. We also kicked off the Christmas season by watching "Elf" a movie. It was a good flick to start the season. That was Thanksgiving. Today, we re-heated turkey with BBQ sauce and made sandwiches with it.

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