Outside at Christmas!

We have our decorations up! I climbed all over the roof getting the lights up on our house. Neighbors watched wondering how David got out of it. One said when I was done I could swing by his house and get his lights up. I told him to get his own wife on their roof! David sawed a bit off the bottom of our tree and got it in it's stand. We decorated the tree together this afternoon. Last year I picked up a few strands of lights on the after Christmas clearance sales. This year I'll pick up a few more I think. Also a tree topper. We like our hat, but an angel or a star would be nice. Thankfully, we are nearly done with our Christmas shopping! David will be out of town for two weeks and I wanted him involved in buying presents for his family so we knocked them out the last two days (minus what I had picked up previously). Now all I have to do is finish wrapping and get them in the mail.

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