Stay at home wife?

Day one of being a part time student and stay at home wife. Do weekends count? Because if I had a job I'd be home anyway. I am counting it because if I had a job, I would have spent hours doing homework. I'm currently holding the positions of CFO and COO of Ward Household, INC. I think it's silly to stay home when our dogs are fine left alone during the day and we don't plan on having kids but whatever. My girlfriend says you don't have to have kids to stay home. She thinks it'll be good for me to be less stressed. Have more time to study and more free time for David and friends. It does sound nice but I've always worked when able. And so, after that little rabbit trail, I spent the day review our finances and thanking God our only debt is our mortgage (which we only financed 80% of the purchase price and have been paying a little extra each month for a year). Conclusion? It'll be tight but manageable. Since I will be home more (theoretically, until I go to school full time in mid-January, in which case we will probably acquire the debt of student loans) I will have more time to devote to things like bargain shopping and baking our own bread and making cereal and things. (Have I mentioned David is thrilled I'm without a job??? We celebrated this morning with homemade cinnamon rolls for breakfast. I made them with half whole wheat flour. And I put ground pecans and whole raisins on half of the rolls. So that makes them healthy, right?) I've also been tidying and organizing. We decided this morning that I'll take a week to just be home and then do some light job searching for a seasonal job that will end when classes start. Any job like that would be about 1/2 what I was previously making per hour and most likely require nights/weekends which is why I'll only sort of try. If I'm supposed to have a job it will happen. I'm not allowed to force the issue. =-) Also today we sat together and watched a movie (still no TV, we watched it on the computer). Anyway, that concludes Day One. Well, thus far. Still a few hours left.

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sarah said...

I think it's funny that David is thrilled :) and you're like "eh".

Raisen's make everything healthy!!