Happy Halloween!!

News. The company that I have been employed with since we moved here last October has been making some really, really, really, really poor decisions. The owners of the company are really big on appearances. They went so far as to tell a woman that she was going to be moved to the reception position because she was attractive. I know. These people have several "businesses" that have, until today, been supported by a contract with one company. Anyhow back to the story, these people support their two grown children and pay household staff through a "company." Recently they decided that it'd be a good idea to rent office space in a building that is the most sought after office building in this area. It's EXPENSIVE. Not just a little pricey but the priciest. They did this BEFORE they had renewed their ANNUAL contract with single company mentioned above. Right? They thought they would move into this new building and that being there alone would somehow, magically generate new business. Right?!?! Needless to say today, they laid off 4 people. Myself and two other really hard working people. And one guy that has been sleeping in his office from day one and wasn't so great to say the least. I was a given, I'm part time and there are three other people that can easily pick up the slack that will occur. I can't make more hours happen and quite frankly, I don't want to. One of the cuts was a guy who's been with the company for SEVEN YEARS. He has a stay at home wife and a child. Nothing more than "Today is your last day." Thankfully, David still has his job. We will be OK. Tight, uncomfortable and perhaps not so generous over the Holidays but OK. The other guy was the IT guy and the owners have a hard time finding their rears without his help. The fourth was the sleeper. He lives with his parents and will probably be fine. Anyway, I've been telling people my days were numbered. It didn't take a rocket scientist to figure out something was going to have to happen. I figure that when a person is willing to throw other people under the bus, their due will come. So here's the question. Did I get the Trick or the Treat by being "laid off." David has been bugging me to quit for a while, we were just hoping it'd be after the Holidays. Whatever, David still votes TREAT!!!


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that's so funny. me too really but it was still hard. sifting through the emotions is odd. i didn't expect it to be this way. mostly anger at how they treat people in general and the fact that they tout the "Christian" business thing like a banner but treat people so poorly.