Home Gym
So. I told David I was tired of feeling fat. I'm not *fat* and I know it, but up until about a year ago I have held a gym membership. One of the changes in our finances was letting that go. I still walk the dogs every day but it's not the same for me as lifting weights or doing yoga. I have now overhauled the former guest room into a gym. David had the weight bench and a few weights from pre-marriage. I had a jump rope and yoga mat. Mom sent us outside toys (volleyball, soccer ball ...) for Christmas. The neighbor had a treadmill that was taking up space in their garage and David and I had Birthday money from my Grandparents and a coupon to Sports Authority. I took everything out of the room and moved what we had in. Then I talked to the neighbor about storing their treadmill in our house rather than their garage. She had mentioned it before but we hadn't done anything about it until last weekend when David moved it in to our guest room. We hit Sports Authority and hauled home a bar for the weights and bench and two 25 pound weights. Then I dug some make do metal "shelving" that was in the guest closet and had David hang them (not shown, pics taken before shelving installed) on either side of the big window. We set up the laptop on one and the sports equipment and the two workout related books we had on the other. Ta-da. Weight room extraordinaire. I'm so happy with it. I have been in there every day. Sunny gets on the treadmill with me while I walk to warm up prior to running. It's a really good mental and physical work out for her and when I am ready to run, she lays beside the treadmill watching intently. THANK YOU mom for the sports equipment, Grandpa & Grandma for the weight bar and weights and Jennifer for allowing us to "store" the treadmill. Having it right there makes it so easy to walk in and lift for a few minutes when I start getting sleepy. Also, due to my ridiculous allergies I haven't been able to really run outside in a while (I have both exercise and allergy induced asthma attacks and combined it's a nightmare) so it's really nice being able to run again. Double bonus that the room is air conditioned and has a nice ceiling fan!

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