Sure Signs It's Summer

  • First white load of laundry in two weeks produced only one pair of socks
  • Electric bill more than doubled between April and May
  • The produce aisles at the market are teeming with beautiful fresh fruit
  • We are watering our lawn
  • My freckles are multiplying
  • I'm running laundry only in the wee hours of the morning, when it's coolest
  • I've stopped baking :*(
  • I can break a sweat walking two doors down
  • Our blinds and curtains are almost always closed, in an effort to help keep the house cooler
  • We're going to the neighborhood pool a couple of times a week!
  • The dogs think a good walk is around the block rather than around the neighborhood
  • I'm reading a book a day
  • We got 3 wedding invites, 2 baby shower invites and 1 pool party invite in one week
Happy Summer from H-Town - where we are DEFINITELY feeling the heat

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sarah said...


and I'm going to get married in it too...

oi veh.