I start school in FOUR WEEKS. I'm not ready yet. I've been looking at books and things. Thankfully my two most expensive books from last semester will be reused this coming semester saving us a few hundred bucks! I was excited about that. I also think that my business law text from a few semesters ago may work. *fingers crossed* If it works I only have to purchase two text books!!

We've been keeping busy with friends. Game nights where we eat together then play board games or card games have been a fun way to spend time with friends the last couple of weekends. Friends are such an enriching aspect of life. David and I enjoy one another a lot but having friends encourages us, strengthens us, challenges us and so on in ways that we can't reach on our own.

I'm still helping a family with the wife/mom three days a week. It's just enough to get me out of the house and keep my busy as well as assist with the expense of school. We're not sure what will happen at summer's end but there is a slight possibility that I will be able to continue to work for this family.

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sj said...

your comment on our wedding video was one of the truest things I've ever heard! (about a grumpy husband :).

I'm glad you could make it but sad we couldn't visit more :(