I have very little time for things beyond classes, work and studying. Last night, however, I climbed in bed before David (which doesn't happen much but I was beat and he was "on his way"). It takes a bit for me to fall asleep and the few times I've gone to bed only a few minutes before Hubs, I've been rousted just as I'm passing out and then it takes twice as long to get back to sleep.

Opportunity to read FOR PLEASURE!! Wow, I don't remember the last time although it's been within the last two weeks I think. I have been slowly working my way through "What's So Amazing About Grace?" by Philip Yancey. (Also rare because I typically peel through a book a day when I'm not in school and working part time.)

Last night I read this passage that has stuck with me, it followed a short story about a woman who watched her father act horribly to others including herself and how she passed it to her kids who in turn passed it to yet another generation:

"Grace is unfair, which is one of the hardest things about it. It is unreasonable to expect a woman to forgive the terrible things her father did to her just because he apologizes many years later, and totally unfair to ask that a mother overlook the many offenses her teenage sun committed. Grace, however, is not about fairness." (pg 80-81)

Wow. I'm not certain I've heard it put in such a manner. All the time we hear "it's not fair!" or "it's not my fault!" often saying such a thing ourselves and yet ....

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