Spring Break 2010

My Spring Breaks of past have consisted of either working extra hours or (last year) making trips to a variety of appointments with David to discover what was making him so sick. This year, David and I had a real Spring Break. We high tailed it to see a good friend marry a beautiful and kind woman. Then we camped with our dear friends we simply don't see enough of. Then we took it easy coming home. Stayed a night in our own bed and camped on Mustang Beach. To wrap it up we made delicious shish-kabobs with friends last night and enjoyed a leisurely evening.

First picture is one of David with the groom (center) and the other guys that were on his floor in college. Tony, on the far end, was in our wedding and we camped with Tony and his wife after all the wedding festivities.
It was great to see these guys again after so many years and to meet their wives and catch up with them.

The second picture is from camping with the W's. Tony was the Chef and whipped up some super delicious meals for us all to enjoy. His wife won over our pups by walking them to exhaustion and giving them all kinds of loving attention. The dogs LOVED camping, especially with the W's. We were the only ones out there camping so the pups got to do a bit of running and romping and slept really well for the next several days.

The last picture is from Mustang Beach right after we woke up on the sand. It was beautiful. The evening was great but by the wee morning hours the wind was picking up quite a bit and we left after having sandy chai and visited Cracker Barrel for breakfast rather than battling the high winds to make camp fire breakfast. Scratch really enjoyed beach camping. He rooted in the sand and chased Sunny all over the place. Suns
hine "chased" the kits, sea gulls and other flying objects that had the gall to pass our area.

Now it's back to reality with a 4:20am alarm clock and a health bill passed in congress. I don't know what made me more sick to my stomach. I know which will have the long term ill effects.

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