Please Keep Praying

Elizabeth made it through surgery where they took two lobes of her lung. Her baby remained en-utero and everything looked pretty good. Then late in the night she went into cardiac arrest and has been doing poorly since. They took Megan, Elizabeth and Jon's fourth child, via c-section. She was born about 3 months early at 2.6 pounds. She seems to be doing well, breathing on her own and moving a lot. Elizabeth's family is asking for a miracle and we serve a God that is able to provide one. Please join us in praying for this beautiful, Godly family. They are the kind of people that would recognize, appreciate and extol God for such a blessing as a life saved when all is counted lost.

Updates can be viewed at:


I don't think that you have to have a Facebook account to see the updates.

Thanks again for praying for our friend. She's so young and vibrant and an amazing Godly woman and fantastic mother.

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