A Glimpse at Elizabeth's Sweet Spirit

"I want to know God & not just in little inadequate snippets, but the real whole awesome God that He is. It may hurt, but what but pain ever drives us to God? What but trouble ever sends us to our knees in prayer? He woos & calls, but we won't listen. He's there waiting & wanting to bless us, like a parent with their child, but He must have our surrendered heart first. Oh, to surrender & know that God is good. Oh, to give my everything to Him & trust that he will bless it. In His time he makes all thing new, all things to work for good. Will it be my good? It may not feel like it, but what child ever knows his parent's thoughts & mind? Being jerked out from in front of a bus & spanked may be uncomfortable, but not as bad as getting hit by the bus. God's way does require discomfort, but who knows what is being done in our lives, or in the lives of those around us? So bring on the pain. I want to see. I want to hear. I want to love like Jesus."

_Taken from Pray for Elizabeth Manley as posted by one of her friends. Elizabeth wrote this about a year ago. Gave me goosebumps especially in light of her current situation._

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