Amazon dot com

Recently Amazon was selling a book about pedophile behavior and, after it making one of the top seller's, pulled it due to complaints. Unfortunately this is not the first time that Amazon has made a poor choice concerning book availability. Shame on them.

The ease of using Amazon has officially been outweighed by their lack of discretion and I've gone on a search to find alternative web sites to make my purchases. I'm not comfortable supporting a company that blatantly opposes some of my basic principals. True, they pulled the book but it never should have been available in the first place. Thus, I am not even browsing Amazon for the best deal and avoiding the Amazon links that pop up in my searches.

So a few sites I have been browsing about lately include:
www.christianbook.com : They have books, music & gifts available and their rates seem more than reasonable.
www.target.com : There is free shipping for purchases over $50 and they carry a much wider variety of items online than in store.
www.magiccabin.com : Great for children's books & toys
etsy.com : Has just about everything available made by small businesses

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