My contribution to the neighborhood super bowl party. This and some home made salsa, guacamole (which I can't eat - I'm sensitive or allergic to avocado) and miscellaneous chips/pretzels that are safe for Hubs.

I am thankful I grew up in a family that cooked and baked from scratch. I tell David all the time how wonderful I think it is that I'm a good cook/baker. Not in a boastful way but in a practical manner. We would starve with David's food allergy if I weren't able to prepare food from scratch and manipulate (usually with great success) recipes to make them safe for my husband. As a general rule I must adhere to a corn free lifestyle as well since his allergy is so sensitive.

So this is an apple pie. Crust with butter, flour a touch of sugar and cold water. Filling with Granny Smith apples, sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg and a splash of fresh lemon juice and flour to thicken the juices. I carried it to my neighbors house and she promptly sliced it up, while warm and dished a piece each for us to share with our husbands. It was divine. I love apple pie. Hubs thinks this was the best one I've made for him. He said best pie "ever" but I've made pies prior to Hubs and I've made a few he's probably not had since Hubs. He prefers chocolate and says he doesn't like fruit pies.... funny though how much of a fruit pie he can eat.

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