2011 Road Trip *JUNCTION, TX & HOME*

We drove from Carlsbad, NM to just out side of Junction, TX where we camped at South Llano River for a night. It was a very different experience in Junction than in Big Bend. There was very little wind and we saw many animals. Havalenas (a type of small wild pig), rabbits, turkeys and deer visited us - driving the pups wild with desire to chase. The animals didn't seem intimidated by the woofing though. Evidently the camp grounds is a safe haven for turkey nesting - something to do with the man who donated the land wanting to make sure the turkeys would have a place to raise their young without fear of hunters. I think it's working there were huge flocks of wild turkeys.

We stopped in Austin, TX on the way home from Junction to have lunch at Whole Foods. Austin is something like the Mecca of Whole Foods. It's where the original Whole Foods was started and continues today.

The drive home was nice, we found some back roads to avoid the traffic so we came into town through farms and wide open spaces rather than semi trucks and traffic jams.

It was a fantastic trip. We are already plotting for another but it'll be a while since, despite having about 3 weeks of vacation, I am not able to take that time off until after all of my training is complete. Possibly some time in August.

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