Gifts that don't fit under a tree

Needing Christmas gift giving inspiration? Have a list of relatives that have to be shopped for but have NO IDEA what to get?? Consider the following options for a unique gift that requires no wrapping or shipping and provides so much more than the obligatory tie or sweater.

Animals for a family in impoverished areas:
85% of money goes directly towards helping other people

You can choose to give a family a range of gifts in the name of a friend or family member and have a nice card sent to said gifted to let them know of your Christmas wishes and gift. Gifts start at $16 for a bunny, so there is something to gift for every budget!

Adoption assistance:
In 2010 79% of money went towards programs

Show Hope primarily provides financial assistance towards the expense of adoption and strives to utilize funds responsibly.

Transportation in rural areas:
76.4% of money goes towards programs

A bike can make a three hour trek to school something more attainable for a family striving to move forward. WBR makes heavy duty, well constructed bikes and trains people to fix them providing a means of transportation and lively hood.

Help improve the lives of women and children in Ethiopia:
They promise 100% of donations will go to the field

Glimmer focuses on water, health, education, and microfinance in Ethiopia. We have a tender spot for Ethiopia as our dear friends brought home their babies from Ethiopia and asked us to take the role of and Uncle and Auntie. Our friends encourage their children to know about their birth country and we can't think of a better way to honor our nieces than to support their birth country to become self reliant and strong.

****Images taken from the websites of each of the organizations listed****

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