Hurricane Breakfast

David cooked up a delicious breakfast this morning. He made breakfast sandwiches and hash browns. I made several days worth of dog food. We feed them raw foods and in the mornings Scratch and Sunshine have veggie/fruit puree. We typically use our food processor daily and blend their breakfast into an applesauce consistency. Lately, I've been making two days worth to save a bit of time on work day mornings. (I go to school MWF and work Tu/Th, Friday afternoon.) Our office is in a swank new building in the Woodlands so I have to have enough time to do something with my hair before I go in. Sloppy ponytails are no longer acceptable. Anyway, I mixed up two batches of breakfast for the "kids", four days worth, so hopefully we won't be with out electricity for more than a couple of days. They eat raw meat in the evenings so worse case scenario, they just have dinner. Scratch is OK with this but Sunshine can't stand to miss a meal. We also brewed extra coffee and we're running the one load of laundry that hadn't been done (I typically run a load every other morning or so because I hate running the dryer in the heat of the late afternoon.) So we think we're ready. The yard doesn't have any loose items and we have coffee and doggie food in abundance.

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