Running away
David and I realized, about midweek, that we had a four day weekend that was arriving. We decided to bail on life for a couple of days. David had acquired enough points while traveling to cover the cost of a hotel and we haven't been away, just the two of us, for VACATION (ie: not visiting family, house hunting, or anything else) since we went to Mexico in '06. Enough is enough we needed to GET OUT. So we bailed. We dropped the dogs off at a kennel and hit the road. We went to San Antonio. Neither of us had been, we didn't know anyone that lived there and it was close enough that we wouldn't spend all day in the car. Also, they had a hotel with space that would accept our points in lieu of cash, last minute no less.

We parked our X in the hotel parking lot and didn't return until it was time to head home. We were able to walk every where. It was so nice to stretch our legs and enjoy one another. Basically we were able to walk out the back door of our hotel onto the Riverwalk. Not the busy section though, that was about .8 mile away. So we walked around, we ate out, we rode bikes, we took naps, we laughed and made silly jokes, we saw the Alamo, we stuck our feet in the pool (we were too lazy to change after walking for a few miles so we were content with just our feet in the water), we laid in bed and listened to the rain, we slept in, we walked the Riverwalk, we watched old movies on TV and we just chilled. How nice. Much needed and on a budget. We packed a cooler full of drinks, a bag full of snacks and stayed at a hotel with breakfast provided. We ate at the same place a few times because it was close and it was delicious. We haven't had really good Mediterranean food since we left Wichita (crazy I know but they had Bella Luna there and we would have happily eaten there weekly if given the opportunity). Oh and on our "way" home we tried a place that we happily drooled while reading the menu. And holy cow it was delicious. Worth the hour long wait for a table.

So now we are back to life. Relaxed, reconnected and renewed. David is taking a trip to KS for work and will be able to visit his family while there. We had been trying to figure out how we would manage a visit for me to CT and a visit for him to KS and CB&I solved the KS part for us. ;-) They obviously won't pay for me to accompany him but we're glad he's able to stay an extra day or so to visit his family. I'll hold down the fort here and start looking for a part time summer job. I'd like to find something I can do, at least until classes start again. Thus far most of the jobs require evenings and weekends which aren't really what I'm after. I'd like to have my evenings and weekends for family time. We'll see what turns up.

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