We were relocated to Houston "permanently".
So we bought our first home.

We had only a coffee table and an air mattress for furniture.
So we went out and purchased our first real bed, sofa and "man chair."

We had bright blue paint in our master bath room.
So while David was out of town I re-painted it myself.

We had only Sunshine our lab mix.
So three months later we went out and picked up Scratch our bull mastiff.

We had a "wet spot" in the closet.
So, much to my horror, David ripped the wall out post haste (and of course got it all back together again better than new!).

We had patchy white walls in all of the other rooms of the house.
So we started painting - together this time thankfully!

We were in the house
one year.
So I made a "to do list" on my blog.

We had an existing above ground pool.
So 1.5 years later we removed it to save money on utilities & pool repairs/maintenance.

We discovered David had an allergy to corn, peanuts and soy.
So we started a new blog to inform our family and friends and for Becca to connect w/other "custom made" people and started making HUGE adjustments to our entire lifestyle.

We wanted to see my education through.
So I went back to school and GRADUATED!

We hated our ugly green carpet.
So 2.5 years later we installed bamboo flooring, ourselves.

YEA FOR OUR THREE YEARS HERE!! We are so thankful for such a nice home and fantastic neighbors!

For the record our 1 year list was:
To do:
1. paint the rest of the house which will include stripping wall paper in the kitchen
2. tile the spare bath and laundry room
3. lay wood (preferably bamboo) flooring in the main living areas
4. replace the carpet in the bedrooms.

And of that list we have:
1. Painted everything except the kitchen (yes still wall papered!) and one of the spare bedrooms.
2. David completed tiling ALL "wet" areas of the house including bathrooms, laundry room and entry ways. He's a tiling pro!
3. We put bamboo flooring down in the living areas AND our master bedroom and closet thanks to a GREAT deal we found on the materials.
4. See #3 - Master bed room has bamboo flooring. The two other bed rooms still have ugly green carpeting but it's not as annoying now that the horrid carpeting is limited to two small spaces.

P.S.*2 All pictures on this post were taken today in honor of one year. All pictures in other posts were taken around the time those posts were posted. =-)

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